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What’s the difference between reissue and revalidation?

Reissuing is when the airlines print an entirely new ticket with your changed travel date and flight number.

Revalidation is when the date for your flight is changed in the airline system. You can just present your original ticket at the airport for check in, even though your new itinerary is different.

Obviously reissuing a ticket is more time consuming and costly than revalidation, but not all date changes require reissue. The rules for which tickets will need to be reissued should you want to change travel dates are set solely by the airlines and can be updated by the airlines at any time.  100% of all tickets AirTreks sells departing from the US will require reissue if you want to make changes to your dates.  For this reason, it’s advisable to contact the airline first to see if they are able to simply revalidate your ticket on their own.

Usually, the first leg of any of the trips we sell is not changeable.