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Customer Support Contact

Text us at +1-415-977-7100, or send us an email at

For urgent queries, call our priority line at +1-415-977-7171 or email us at: with the word URGENT in the subject line.

If we’re unable to answer your call, please leave a message with your full name (first and last), your trip information, and the best number or email to reach you. Try texting – it is often the quickest on reply if you get voice mail.

Calling from abroad? You can reach us at the numbers below:
UK: +44 2035147819
Australia: +61 283198186
Italy: +39 0282951518
Singapore: +65 31635459

If you can’t reach us:

Your fastest source for immediate customer service assistance in urgent cases is to contact the airline directly. You can also contact AirTreks Customer Service at +1-415-977-7171 to leave a voicemail message, or email us at

Get a comprehensive list of international and domestic airline phone numbers at the following site: . If you’re not able to get help through the call center, we’ve found visiting an airport counter or airline ticket office to be the best way to get assistance directly from the airlines.

If you’re scheduled to depart within 72 hours and your flight has been canceled by the airline or you need to make a change, please follow the detailed instructions below.

  1. In the event of a flight cancellation, if you are unable to reach the airline by phone, and even if the airline says NOT to come to the airport, we strongly advise you to head immediately for the airport to work directly with the airline to get your flight rebooked. Because the airline cancelled your flight, the airline has sole control of your reservation and only the airline ground staff at the airport have the information about the next available flight for you. Only they can rebook your flights even if the airline’s website or staff state otherwise.
  2. When flights get cancelled, airlines often recommend that travelers call the airline’s call center for rebooking or customer assistance. In our experience, reaching an airline representative by phone during weather-related or large-scale flight cancellations is often impossible. Not only are thousands of travelers trying to call the airline at the same time, the call center staff are not as up to date on current flight conditions, and therefore they’re not as informed or as able as airline ground staff to handle these requests.
  3. Once you’re at the airport, please go to the airline’s ticket counter and do not leave the counter until you have a confirmed seat on the next available flight to your final destination. The airline may tell you that they cannot rebook you for a variety of reasons, but in almost all cases, they are able to rebook you on another flight eventually.
  4. If the airline states that their flights are overbooked, or they do not know when their next flight will depart, request the airline rebook you on another airline. Airlines do have the ability to do this, and we have seen many cases where our passengers are rebooked on other carriers to get to their final destination. But in most cases, they must first ask the airline that overbooked them to do so.

Lastly, please note that airlines take over all flight reservations 24-48 hours (depending on the airline) prior to departure and because of this, AirTreks is unable to make modifications to itineraries during this time period and after you begin traveling. Working with airline ground staff, by phone or at the airport, is often the best and fastest way to rebook flights and avoid long delays due to airline, weather, or other service disruptions.

If you have purchased travel insurance, review your policy. You may have coverage for Trip Interruption and/or Trip Delay.

As always, AirTreks is available to provide whatever assistance we can in these situations.