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How much does it cost to change my flights?

The cost of your flight change will depend on your ticket type. When you need to make changes, we need to check the rules of the ticket you purchased.

For your specific request, text us at: +1-415-877-7100. You can also email us at:

The least expensive tickets are the most restrictive, and might not allow you to make any changes. 

When changes are permitted, most airlines will make you pay a fixed change fee (the price depends on the ticket and the airline) plus the difference in fare, if there is any, between the old ticket and the new ticket.

The most flexible tickets, which are sold at the highest fares, might allow you to make changes without having to pay a change fee, but you would still need to pay the fare difference between the old and new flights, if there is any.

Fares vary according to availability, so the difference between the original and the new one might be expensive.

For example, when the flight is full, only the more expensive fares are available and this is why it usually is more expensive to change flights at the last minute.

Apart from these expenses, AirTreks charges a processing fee of $100 USD per change request, per passenger.