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If I cancel my flight(s), can I be refunded?

The refund policy of your tickets will vary according to your ticket type. Based on the fare you purchased, some tickets might be more or less restrictive. There are 3 types of tickets when it comes to refunds. 

1. Fully non-refundable, for which the airlines won’t give you any money back if you cancel the flights. 

2. Partially refundable tickets, for which the airline will charge a penalty for canceling your flights. This means that from the original ticket cost, they will deduct the cancelation penalty and refund you the rest. 

3. Fully refundable tickets, for which the airline will refund you the full amount of the ticket.

Apart from the cost of the tickets, Airtreks administrative and processing fees are fully non-refundable. These include the sales, ticketing and post-purchase services. 

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