Do I have all of the paperwork I need to travel? I have questions about visas, vaccinations, and any other paperwork I might need.

Visas and entry requirements may vary widely depending on your nationality, the length of your stay, the purpose of your visit and the places you are going to or transiting through.

As we work with people from all over the world, who are traveling around the world, we can not be up to date with all the requirements each country has. 

The best way to get information about visas and entry requirements is to contact the Consulate or Embassy of the countries you plan to visit. If you need assistance organizing your visas, AirTreks recommends VisaHQ.  You just need to submit your citizenship and the country you are visiting, and you will get the most updated information. 

For your reference, please find our terms and conditions regarding visas and health requirements below:


You are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas and travel permits for all countries that you will be traveling to or transiting through, and for informing yourself as to which countries/areas require visas and/or special permits, or if you need any other type of travel documents. 

Please also make certain that your passport is valid for at least six months after the latest expected end date of your trip, as some countries will not allow entry if your passport expires sooner.


You are responsible for determining what, if any, vaccinations or other health or safety precautions are necessary or recommended for your destinations. Some countries on your itinerary may require certain vaccinations for entry. It is your responsibility to confirm with your doctor about which vaccinations may be required. Government health advisories can be found here: and

Traveling with medicine: Some countries place restrictions on what medication can and cannot enter across their border. If you will be travelling with prescribed medication or vitamins, it is your responsibility to check with the embassy/consulate of your visiting country to determine if your medication is permitted entry. Special written permission from the visiting country may be required for entry.