I realized the name on the passport doesn’t match the name on the tickets.

Per the airline’s rules, your name on the tickets must match the name on your passport EXACTLY.

You are responsible for checking that your name on the tickets matches the one on your passport. 

 If your name doesn’t match, you might be denied boarding. 

After the tickets are issued, is not easy or cheap to update your name. We will need to check each airline’s rules, and inform you the cost of updating your name. Some airlines might not allow name changes at all, so you might need to purchase whole new tickets. 

AirTreks charges 25 USD per ticket to process the name change according to the airline’s rules. 

If your name doesn’t match and you decide not to update it, you assume the risk of being denied boarding and will not be entitled to claim any refund from AirTreks or the airline.