Frequent flyer programs

There are two ways to include your frequent flyer number in your reservation:

  1. Advise AirTreks of your frequent flyer numbers at least 72 hrs before departure. We will add them in on your booking for you.
  2. Put in your frequent flyer number when you check in,  online or at the airport.

More information about mileage accrual:

  1. Not all airlines allow for 100% mileage accrual on every fare. The rules change frequently and vary from airline to airline. Some airlines are switching to a model where you receive miles based on the fare class and price.
  2. Check to ensure that your mileage account number appears on your boarding pass. If it doesn’t, keep your boarding pass so that you can petition for the miles to be credited to you after the flight (you may have to fax or email a scanned copy).
  3. AirTreks cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to accrue 100% of the miles flown on your trip into any particular frequent flyer account. If you have specific questions about accruing frequent flyer miles, please let us know.
  4. AirTreks is not able to redeem your existing accrued miles when purchasing new flights.