I’m at the airport, they just cancelled my flight – what do I do?

If your flight is cancelled by the airline at the airport, no matter the reason, please don’t leave the airport. 

Three important things to do as soon as possible:

1. Ask the airport staff to rebook you on an alternative flight:  The airline will be responsible for rebooking you and the airport staff are the ones who have the most updated information. They also have the power to rebook you with other airlines, so they are your best option. 

2. Inform Airtreks: While you are there, please also contact us on our priority line at +1-415-977-7171 or via email at customerservice@airtreks.com with the word URGENT in the subject  and we will do everything we can our side to get you on another flight.

Please note that when last minute changes occur, the tickets are usually under the airline’s control, so that’s why we recommend staying at the airport and working directly with the airline as well.

3. Contact your travel insurance, if you have it

Depending on the circumstances and the policy of your insurance plan, they may be able to reimburse or compensate you.

If you incur expenses due to the cancellation, please keep the receipts. Either the airline or your travel insurance may be able to reimburse you.