Where can I find information about my checked baggage allowance and carry on bags?

You can find the baggage allowance for each of your flights in your confirmation documents, listed under fight details. 

Some airlines operate with the “piece” concept, which allows you to check a specific number of pieces of luggage on your flight. In the confirmation documents, you will see 0PC, 1PC, 2PC, according to the number of pieces you can check on that specific flight. 

The weight of the piece varies per airline. Most international flights allow you to check 23 kilos per piece in economy class, and 32 kilos per piece in business class, but some carriers offer only 20 or 15 kilos per piece. 

Some carriers operate using the “weight” concept, and allow you to check a specific number of kilos, no matter how many pieces you have. For example, if you see that you have 20 kilos permitted on a flight, that means you could check-in two pieces up to 10 kilos each, or one up to 20. 

When it comes to carry-on bags, the airlines are more restrictive. Most of them allow you to take one carry on bag up to 8 kilos in economy class and 10 kilos in business class, with specific dimensions, plus a personal item like a purse or a laptop, but this varies according to the airline and the route.

Children and Infant bags: 

-Children are entitled to have the same baggage allowance as adults, according to the class of service they purchased. 

-Infants are usually allowed to take check-in one piece up to 10 kilos plus a baby cart, but this varies according to the carrier. 


-Please note that the allowances mentioned above are industry standards, and don’t specifically apply for your trip. If you need to find out the specific baggage allowance for your flights, you should check the baggage rules on each airline’s website for the most up to date rules.

To access your booking, simply go to the airline website and type in your airline confirmation number and full name. From there, you will be able to find the baggage and carry-on bag rules and information.

This is a very useful site: https://www.skyscanner.com/tips-and-inspiration/airline-baggage-sizes-fees-carry-checked-luggage