How and when can I check in online?

Most of the airlines open their online check in 24 hours before departure. In most cases, you’ll receive a check-in reminder from the airline you’re flying with. To ensure you check in at the right time, set a reminder when you’re 24 hours out from flying. 

You can refer to the flight itinerary we emailed you for details on your flight number, booking confirmation number, and your flight times. 

To check in online, head to the airline’s website, search for the check-in section, and submit the information they require (usually your last name, first name, and booking code or ticket number, which you can find in your confirmation documents).

If the online check in is not available, please check the flight status on the airline’s website to make sure the flight has not been canceled.

Some airlines don’t allow their passengers to check-in online, so you will need to do it directly at the airport.

As you have your ticket number and the flight is scheduled to depart as expected, checking in shouldn’t be a problem. You can still do it at the airline’s counter and get your boarding pass directly from them.