Will you book my seats or should I do it?

While we try to assign seats on all the flights where the seat map is available, there are some cases in which we won’t be able to book seats for you. 

Some airlines don’t allow the advanced seat selection, and they only let you book the seats when the check-in opens, 24 hours before departure. 

Others permit the advanced seat selection but only for purchase, so if you want to reserve seats before the check-in opens, you need to pay for them. 

If you want to purchase seats on any of your flights please email us at customerservice@airtreks.com and we will send you the quote. 

Special seats such as the ones located in the bulkhead or the emergency rows might remain blocked by the airline to be assigned at the airport. 

Please note that the seats can be changed by the airline at any time due to equipment changes or any other operational reasons, so AirTreks can not guarantee seat assignments.